About Willow & Jae

Hi Friend!

If you clicked on this link then you are wanting to know more about us. Well, buckle up, Buttercup, because it's about to get real. So here it is, our story...

For starters you may see us at event shows or on social media and think we are just another typical "run of the mill" boutique. While, we are women, with families, who have jobs and responsibilities, we are also women who believe in giving back. Willow & Jae Boutique was created from the inspiration of our pasts and experiences. Our main goal while creating this business was to help empower women who have been addicts, abused, cancer victims, battered, homeless or otherwise afflicted. Part of all our proceeds go to help these women in need. We take great pride in our work and love the feeling that we get in return. For us, this business isn't about selling cute clothes (although, that is a bonus) it has a greater purpose. We have gone through our own struggles, we've made major sacrifices and we've experienced great loss. Yes, we are still learning and we don't have all the answers. But we are here to tell you that ANYTHING is possible. The quote, "Don't be jealous of her in her winning season because you don't know what she lost in her losing season" exemplifies our message perfectly. 

There are three of us in this family owned business. Tina Griffith, Whitney Jacobs, and Miranda Colledge. 

Meet Tina, she is the mama of this girl gang. Despite her struggles in the past, she has gained a lot of wisdom through her experiences. Although she isn't proud of some of her darker moments, she is grateful for who she has evolved into. She is married to an amazing man, she has 3 amazing sons, 3 awesome step children and 5 adorable grandchildren. Tina knows what it takes to overcome struggle. Her goal is to help women realize their experiences do not define who they are, but their experiences can be a useful tool to help them become who they want to be.

Meet Whitney, she is Tina's daughter-in-law.  Whitney's husband struggled with addiction for many years. Despite his addiction, she saw his true potential and helped him see it too. Whitney and many others helped her husband through his addiction and he has been clean for 10 years. They now have 2 beautiful children together. Whitney has also seen the devastating tole that cancer can take on families. She has lost her step Mother-in-law and Aunt to cancer in the past 4 years. Her own mother is currently fighting two types of cancer, CLL Leukemia and breast cancer. Whitney knows life is precious. Her goal is to help women recognize their purpose and utilize it to make their dreams a reality. 

Meet Miranda, She is Tina's sister. Miranda married the love of her life 16 years ago, he was an honorable military sergeant and they had 2 beautiful children together.  He served 2 tours in Iraq, one while she was pregnant. Her husband didn't meet their first child until she was 9 months old. Miranda knows more than anyone what it means to make sacrifices. In 2014, Staff SGT Jake Colledge passed away. After his passing, Miranda searched for anything to keep her busy. She started teaching preschool with Ms. Tina at Tina Tot's Preschool. This is where she found her passion for helping out her community. She fell in love with the way it made her feel. She felt alive again and had a new purpose in life. Miranda knows what it takes to survive. Her goal is help other women see their strengths and to keep going when life knocks you down. 

Willow & Jae is our "Girl Gang" and everyone is welcome! We believe in lifting each other up when we need it or least expect it. We embrace each other's skills, strengths and talents. We celebrate when we see other's reach their goals or achievements. Like branches on a Willow Tree we hope to grow together through life's many challenges. We are Willow & Jae Boutique and this business is our Journey, our Adventures, and our Experiences.



- Your Girl Gang


 Some of the events we have been involved in:

Overdose Awareness at the capital

Took goodie bags and made crafts for women in recovery:

Bringing warm clothes and feeding the homeless: